New Atlantic Ventures (NAV) is an early-stage venture capital fund
based in Northern Virginia and Cambridge, Massachusetts.

A Brief History

We make seed and early-stage investments in businesses targeting high-growth emerging mass markets. We are active investors, generally write a company's first term sheet as the lead investor, and partner with entrepreneurs who have the energy, vision, experience and passion to build great companies and help them succeed through hands-on team building, partnerships, advice and support.

Our firm began 12 years ago as Draper Atlantic and DFJ New England, two affiliates of the Draper Fisher Jurvetson network that worked closely together since inception. From 1999 to 2006, Draper Atlantic and DFJ New England invested $180 million in 59 companies with investment returns in the top ten percent of all venture funds. The firms joined forces in 2006 to create New Atlantic Ventures, a venture capital firm with a past and present portfolio of companies that generated over $600 million of revenue in 2008 and employed thousands of people worldwide with our funds achieving top decile financial performance as a result.

NAV - At a glance
Current Fund:
$117 million (2008)
New Atlantic Ventures Fund III
Stage Focus:
Seed and Early-stage
Sector Focus:
Mobile, New Media, Online Services
and Breakthrough Technologies
Target Investment:
$500,000 to $5 million
Capital under management:
$230 million
Top decile
Investment Principals:
John Backus
Thanasis Delistathis
Todd Hixon
Scott Johnson
Geoff Mamlet
Tim Rowe
Cambridge Office
One Broadway, 14th Floor
Cambridge, MA 02142
Reston Office
One Fountain Square
11911 Freedom Drive, Suite 1080
Reston, VA 20190
Our Approach

A start-up venture capitalist is called upon to wear many hats: financial strategist, headhunter, investment banker and corporate therapist, providing guidance, support and confidence to a team. As board members, we bring our energy, experience and contacts to help turn ideas and early traction into scalable, high-growth businesses.

Our Entrepreneurs are extraordinary individuals possessing the intelligence, passion, vision and drive needed to succeed. We believe they should have large stakes in their companies which can generate great wealth for those who make the early sacrifices. We believe investors must be helpful but never meddlesome. We expect the founding team to develop their business, execute relentlessly, adapt to inevitable changes, and to grow with their companies. While we will often help founders recruit additional executives, we invest in the founding team anticipating they will scale with their business.

Our Friends, Partners and Industry Contacts are our most valuable resources. Our development of a "value-added" network is a powerful resource we can utilize in our efforts to help our portfolio companies succeed and is instrumental in maintaining our excellent deal flow.

Investment Criteria

Within high-growth emerging mass markets, NAV focuses on four main sectors: wireless, new media, online services and breakthrough technologies. We look for a combination of great teams with creative insight, unbounded markets and defensible business models. Our initial investments range from $0.5 million seed rounds which we may do on our own, to participation in $5 million rounds alongside others we know and trust. We reserve heavily for future investment rounds, and continue to support our portfolio companies as they progress.

Area of Investment Interest

We have had success investing in companies that later became the leader in a newly defined, large market: EnerNOC in energy demand response aggregation, Massive in in-game advertising, Divx in web video delivery, Mobile365 in SMS network gateway services. Hence, we tend to be forward-looking, selecting companies in newly defined markets a small company has the opportunity to dominate.

The smartphone is a platform that has created a tremendous burst of innovative application activity not seen since the PC came of age in the 80s.And as history showed us on the PC, a few killer applications will emerge on the mobile platform, and we are on the lookout for those. Some areas of great opportunity are:
  • Wireless data and content delivery
  • Wireless marketing and advertising
  • Location-based services
  • Entertainment services
  • Communications applications
Online Services
Software applications that are delivered as a service using the internet to enable businesses to reduce cost, expand markets and create efficiencies in areas that include:
  • Next generation internet consumer services
  • Financial Services and payment
  • Back-office operations
  • Vertical industry applications
  • SaaS business services
  • Cloud computing overlays
New Media
Serving up the right content, with the right advertising to support it, at the right time, remains an unsolved problem. Areas of opportunity in digital media are:
  • Digital connected home applications
  • Digital content distribution
  • User-created content services
  • Integration of communication and other content
  • Next advertising media and delivery optimization
Breakthrough Technologies
Revolutions in science that create opportunities in emerging mass markets such as:
  • Portable Power
  • Clean Technology
  • Materials
  • Next generation advertising
  • Energy efficiency & conservation