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November 22 2011
by Todd Hixon

Down With The 1%! Whoever They Are …

Unless you live in a deep cave, you’ve probably heard that the “1%” (top 1% of U.S. households ranked by income) enjoys a large percentage of U.S. after tax income (about 20% in 2007), famously documented by the CBO* (link). The Occupy Wall Street protesters imply that the 1% is mostly Wall Street traders and ...

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October 23 2009
by John Backus

Executive Compensation

Today I turn the blog over to Walt Shill, a CEO of one of our portfolio companies many years ago, and now a very senior executive at Accenture.  I love the way Walt thinks and writes – and post this below with his permission.  The topic is executive compensation, but at the end he has ...

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