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October 28 2011
by Todd Hixon

One Network To Rule Them All

It’s not news that Facebook is the leading social network, but sometimes (as the U.S. Army says about the Chinese) “quantity has a quality all of its own”. I was amazed when I came across the chart below, which shows how completely Facebook dominates time spent on social networks. Source: Comscore Mark Zuckerberg and his ...

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September 19 2011
by Scott Johnson

Direct Marketing 3.0 – The Social Era

One place where there is growth aplenty thesedays is good old direct marketing, which search reinvented last decade.  This decade, social media is reinventing it once again. Picture this: You’re playing a social game like Mafia Wars on Facebook and you want more “credits.”  So you type “Drink Dr. Pepper” into a box, and then buy a ...

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November 17 2010
by Scott Johnson

Expanding “Opt In” to include “Claw Back.”

My partner Thanasis wrote a thoughtful piece about the trade-offs between privacy and convenience.  Since I am a table pounding “opt-in” zealot, I felt compelled to weigh in.  Opt-in is why Pontiflex is taking share so rapidly from legacy “email list brokers”.  Opt-out is the reason Facebook got kicked in the gut when they launched Beacon, and how ...

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