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February 8 2011
by Scott Johnson

Is The UnGoogle Economy Viable?

Is there enough market to sustain a startup that competes directly with Google?  This is an increasingly frequent topic, as we find ourselves asking entrepreneurs and our CEOs “what if Google decided to do this?”   Back in the mid nineties, we used to ask this same question about Microsoft, as the graveyard of companies ...

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January 28 2011
by Scott Johnson

Mobile Clicks Are Garbage!

Most mobile advertisement banner clicks are accidental.  The Harris group published a study yesterday saying this.  Surprised?  I’m not!  Has anyone actually clicked a mobile banner on purpose?  Really?  I can’t imagine doing so – the experience is so bad.  I think Shakespeare might have been thinking of mobile banner ads when he quipped “It is ...

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November 17 2010
by Scott Johnson

Expanding “Opt In” to include “Claw Back.”

My partner Thanasis wrote a thoughtful piece about the trade-offs between privacy and convenience.  Since I am a table pounding “opt-in” zealot, I felt compelled to weigh in.  Opt-in is why Pontiflex is taking share so rapidly from legacy “email list brokers”.  Opt-out is the reason Facebook got kicked in the gut when they launched Beacon, and how ...

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November 12 2010
by Todd Hixon

Italy And The Long Tail

A recent trip to Italy made me think about the “Long Tail”, the name Chris Anderson of Wired coined for the many small, specialized producers in a market, who he argues benefit greatly from the Internet (original article here).  Chris’ essay speaks mostly about media (movies, music, books), however, this idea has since been applied ...

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