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July 4 2011
by Todd Hixon

A Tale of Three Cities

In the past month I’ve been to venture conferences in three cities:  New York, San Francisco, and Boston.  (I rarely go to so many; events conspired this year.) This invites a comparison. The New York conference (TechCrunch/Disrupt) stropped its edge and trumpeted media, personalities, and disrupting everything, not least venture capital (more here).  There were ...

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October 12 2010
by Scott Johnson

Why I Invested in Fashion Playtes (Again)

Fashion Playtes recently announced an oversubscribed up round led by our friends at Fairhaven Capital.   The company has a platform enabling custom clothing design by tween girls (ages 6-12). It is a simple concept really.  Girls can go on the web and choose different embellishments to be sewn onto dresses, shirts, pants, bags, etc. ...

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July 14 2010
by Scott Johnson

The Six Step Venture Capital Investment Process

Every venture firm has pretty much the same six step process. It is not hard to understand, and every firm puts their own spin on it. But you can pretty much count on these six steps occurring in sequence before you will see any cash in your bank account.

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May 19 2010
by Todd Hixon

Venture Lite

The “Cloud” and other forces have slashed the cost of starting an IT company  and produced a surge in seed investing.  We discussed this in a segment of our annual meeting last week, which was attended by professional limited partners (“LPs”), individual LPs, and entrepreneurs, as well as the NAV partners.  There was strong energy ...

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January 11 2010
by Scott Johnson

Follow-on Capital

I see seed stage investing happening all around me.  Angels appear to me to be very active as individuals although I have nothing but anecdotal data to support that.  Dedicated funds doing seed investing are gaining traction with LPs who want their piece of the next super-deal.  We at NAV do the occasional seed deal, ...

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