We are committed to helping our portfolio companies achieve their maximum potential. We value our relationship with our companies, not only because of the potential for generating investor returns, but also because of the energy and enjoyment we derive from working with entrepreneurs.


AppTap is a contextual app recommendations and advertising service reinventing the way apps are discovered and marketed. We are the leading network for app advertising and app recommendations, serving over 150 million targeted, relevant app recommendations across partners like Sprint, AOL and USA TODAY.

Reston, VA


Controlling the use of energy more intelligently is a key strategy to reduce energy cost and emissions, and improve supply security. Ember is the leading company producing wireless networking tools to extend energy control throughout commercial buildings and homes, with dominant market share of in-building networking “s…

Boston, MA


Everyscape creates a photorealistic representation of the real world online. Its services and software platform can allow a retail business (such as a restaurant, apparel store or hotel) to give online visitors a sense of what it’s like to be in the physical store. This has shown to convert more online visitors to actual buye…

Newton, MA

Fashion Playtes

Fashion Playtes is an online custom clothing company dedicated to delivering both a fun and unique design experience and top quality garments to girls age 6-12. We offer girls the tools and a platform to create and design garments and accessories that can actually be produced to wear. The product line currently features t-shirt…

Beverly, MA


Globallogic helps global software companies build their products faster and more economically by distributing the development work to global teams in lower-cost locations with abundant technical talent. Globallogic works with companies of all sizes in different arrangements that range from projects to a complete outsourcing of…


HealthWarehouse is the only online pharmacy, Licensed in all 50 States, VIPPS certified, and regulated by the FDA and DEA that focuses on selling generic drugs, direct to consumers, at cash prices lower than most insurance co-pays. They have 300+ generic drugs for chronic conditions including high blood pressure, high choleste…

Image Space Media

Image Space Media is the leading provider of in-image advertising for the Internet and reaches more than 32 million unique users worldwide each month with its ad overlay solution. Image Space Media superimposes relevant advertisements over more than 7 million images across the Internet and serves hundreds of millions of impress…


Invincea has developed a patent-pending, revolutionary technology for protecting computer workstations from Internet attacks. The flagship product, Internet Cleanroom, is based on commercial virtualization technology and provides unparalleled protection against Internet threats.

Fairfax, VA


Koofers is a social learning company transforming higher education through student-driven, intercollegiate collaboration. Koofers empowers students to help each other learn and aims to fundamentally transform higher education. Many helpful services span the entire academic calendar from course selection through final exams, a…


Lumidigm helps us quickly and conveniently prove who we are. Their novel fingerprint imager uses polarized natural light to look beneath the skin and see a clear, unblemished view of the unique personal signature that is indelibly part of every one of us. It is used in theme parks, airports and border crossings to conveniently…

Albuquerque, NM


Luminus has proprietary technology that enables it to produce light emitting diodes (LEDs) that are 2X brighter than a car headlamp and 5-10x brighter than competing products. Opportunities for super-bright LEDs exist in multiple large markets: projection displays, automotive, general and architectural lighting, and signage. Lu…

Billerica, MA


Maptuit is the nation’s first real time, two-way connected navigation service provider – currently addressing the needs of the commercial transportation industry. Maptuit delivers commercial and consumer based services that empower our customers and enable them to make smart decisions when reducing operating expense…

Burlington, MA

Moda Operandi

Moda Operandi is a startup in the online direct to consumer luxury fashion space.

New York, NY


Nantero has deep, proprietary technology for creating logic circuits on computer chips based on carbon nanotubes. Nantero¹s form of “Flash” memory (memory that retains information when power is off) has a unique ability to scale to smaller IC geometry (below 130 nm) and to be used as embedded memory in logic devices…

Woburn, MA

Pine Labs

PineLabs is an India-based spinout of Globallogic, another NAV portfolio company. It is a payment and loyalty solutions company targeting its products and services to Indian retailers that want to automate their operations while offering better services to consumers. Pine Labs started in the oil retail business by enabling el…

Noida, India


Pontiflex is the first open and transparent cost per lead (CPL) market. Advertisers connect to interested consumers through Pontiflex and pay only for brand-specific marketing leads, not just clicks or impressions that might never convert. Pontiflex AdLeads offers publishers, advertisers and agencies a single point of connect…


PulsePoint (FKA ContextWeb, Inc.) is a digital media technology company committed to helping marketers and publishers gain greater audience transparency and deeper engagement across digital channels at an unprecedented scale. PulsePoint’s holistic platform integrates analytic and ad-serving solutions that power predictable audi…

New York, NY


Qliance is a medical practice that specializes in comprehensive primary, preventive and wellness care. Qliance operates outside the insurance system. As a result, the practice does not bill insurance plans or receive payment from insurance carriers for the services provided. Instead, Qliance charges a monthly fee ($49 to $79)…

Seattle, WA


RemitPro, Inc. offers funds processing and risk management software solutions via secure web-based systems.

Omaha, NE


Scoutmob creates exclusive deals and fresh local content to motivate exploration of your town. Discounts are delivered directly to your mobile device by iPhone and Android app or text message, and instantly redeemed using location-based technology, eliminating the need to print a voucher. Founded in 2010, Scoutmob is based in A…

Atlanta, GA


SepSensor offers a low cost, wireless sensor and remote monitoring service that enables restaurant facilities managers to efficiently solve their growing problem of grease interceptor maintenance.

Northborough, MA


Ground-breaking, consumer-ready cloud applications are live across the web, but app providers and end users aren’t finding each other. SnappCloud connects providers with distributors who offer access to millions of customers. Resulting in convenience to consumers and substantial subscription revenue to providers and distributo…

Washington, DC

Solve Media

Sove Media’s mission is to solve for the lack of attentiveness in brand advertising. Rather than advertising alongside content and forcing brand messages to compete for the consumers’ attention, Solve Media leverages existing, pre-approved creative assets, like logos, icons, slogans and short brand messages to engage the…

New York, NY


Stitcher is bringing the digital revolution to the world of radio. Taking advantage of higher bandwidth in mobile networks and better functionality of newer smartphones, it allows users to access news and information radio programs that are tailored to their needs wherever and whenever they want. Users can listen to the conte…

San Francisco, CA

Tap 'n Tap

Tap ’n Tap is bringing the best of the web to the comfort of your home. Our software platform and design expertise enable OEMs and ODMs to quickly offer high quality home internet devices based on the Android operating system.

Cambridge, MA

Truveris, Inc.

Truveris helps companies that pay Prescription Benefit Costs recoup over-billings, which are often 5% or more of the total bill. Truveris encodes the contract with the Prescription Benefit Manager, feeds billing line items into its software, and any items that deviate from the contracted charge are flagged prior to payment. T…

TVU Networks

TVU Networks has created a global Internet TV network for professional broadcasters, using new P2P-like technology that allows broadcasters to reach large global audiences at a very low cost. The service is free to consumers and is supported via advertisements inserted seamlessly into the live broadcast video content. Viewers…

Mountain View, CA


Wiggio was created in January 2008 by a Cornell graduate looking for a better way to manage the constant communications within his private groups. Wiggio’s mission is to develop a simple application that eliminates the frustration of working in groups, by providing private groups with the powerful, straightforward tools t…