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Cincinnati, OH

HealthWarehouse is the only online pharmacy, Licensed in all 50 States, VIPPS certified, and regulated by the FDA and DEA that focuses on selling generic drugs, direct to consumers, at cash prices lower than most insurance co-pays. They have 300+ generic drugs for chronic conditions including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, depression, thyroid problems, diabetes and more where they can ship a 360 day supply of medicine for $36.50. They sell over 1000 drugs where their priceto the consumer is less than the $15 average insurance co-pay. PrescrptioG drug sales in the USA top $350 million per year, and generic drugs account for $60 million in sales. generics are forecast to grow to $90 million by 2014.

New Atlantic Ventures Team

John Backus

John Backus

Managing Partner
  • Leadership
  • Lalit Dhadphale, President & CEO
  • Patrick Delaney, CFO
  • Ron Ferguson, Chief Pharmacist
  • Contact
  • 7107 Industrial Road
  • Florence, KY 41042, United States
  • Phone (866) 821-3784