We are committed to helping our portfolio companies achieve their maximum potential. We value our relationship with our companies, not only because of the potential for generating investor returns, but also because of the energy and enjoyment we derive from working with entrepreneurs.


Programmable logic devices are steadily growing in capability and in market share of custom logic chip designs. GateRocket fills a key hole in the tool set for design of complex circuits based on programmable devices verification and debug. It enables designers to accelerate from weeks to days the time required to debug comple…

Bedford, MA


Globallogic helps global software companies build their products faster and more economically by distributing the development work to global teams in lower-cost locations with abundant technical talent. Globallogic works with companies of all sizes in different arrangements that range from projects to a complete outsourcing of…


Lumidigm helps us quickly and conveniently prove who we are. Their novel fingerprint imager uses polarized natural light to look beneath the skin and see a clear, unblemished view of the unique personal signature that is indelibly part of every one of us. It is used in theme parks, airports and border crossings to conveniently…

Albuquerque, NM


Luminus has proprietary technology that enables it to produce light emitting diodes (LEDs) that are 2X brighter than a car headlamp and 5-10x brighter than competing products. Opportunities for super-bright LEDs exist in multiple large markets: projection displays, automotive, general and architectural lighting, and signage. Lu…

Billerica, MA


Maptuit is the nation’s first real time, two-way connected navigation service provider – currently addressing the needs of the commercial transportation industry. Maptuit delivers commercial and consumer based services that empower our customers and enable them to make smart decisions when reducing operating expense…

Burlington, MA


Nantero has deep, proprietary technology for creating logic circuits on computer chips based on carbon nanotubes. Nantero┬╣s form of “Flash” memory (memory that retains information when power is off) has a unique ability to scale to smaller IC geometry (below 130 nm) and to be used as embedded memory in logic devices…

Woburn, MA


RemitPro, Inc. offers funds processing and risk management software solutions via secure web-based systems.

Omaha, NE


High energy costs create strong demand for electronic components that enable smaller, cheaper, more efficient electric power supplies. Application markets are large: computers, wide-screen TVs, and hybrid and electric cars. The heart of a hybrid car is a sophisticated solid-state electrical power control unit. Velox has propri…

Somerset, NJ

Truveris, Inc.

Truveris helps companies that pay Prescription Benefit Costs recoup over-billings, which are often 5% or more of the total bill. Truveris encodes the contract with the Prescription Benefit Manager, feeds billing line items into its software, and any items that deviate from the contracted charge are flagged prior to payment. T…