We are committed to helping our portfolio companies achieve their maximum potential. We value our relationship with our companies, not only because of the potential for generating investor returns, but also because of the energy and enjoyment we derive from working with entrepreneurs.


Controlling the use of energy more intelligently is a key strategy to reduce energy cost and emissions, and improve supply security. Ember is the leading company producing wireless networking tools to extend energy control throughout commercial buildings and homes, with dominant market share of in-building networking “s…

Boston, MA


AppTap is a contextual app recommendations and advertising service reinventing the way apps are discovered and marketed. We are the leading network for app advertising and app recommendations, serving over 150 million targeted, relevant app recommendations across partners like Sprint, AOL and USA TODAY.

Reston, VA


Stitcher is bringing the digital revolution to the world of radio. Taking advantage of higher bandwidth in mobile networks and better functionality of newer smartphones, it allows users to access news and information radio programs that are tailored to their needs wherever and whenever they want. Users can listen to the conte…

San Francisco, CA

TVU Networks

TVU Networks has created a global Internet TV network for professional broadcasters, using new P2P-like technology that allows broadcasters to reach large global audiences at a very low cost. The service is free to consumers and is supported via advertisements inserted seamlessly into the live broadcast video content. Viewers…

Mountain View, CA


Scoutmob creates exclusive deals and fresh local content to motivate exploration of your town. Discounts are delivered directly to your mobile device by iPhone and Android app or text message, and instantly redeemed using location-based technology, eliminating the need to print a voucher. Founded in 2010, Scoutmob is based in A…

Atlanta, GA