We are committed to helping our portfolio companies achieve their maximum potential. We value our relationship with our companies, not only because of the potential for generating investor returns, but also because of the energy and enjoyment we derive from working with entrepreneurs.


Ground-breaking, consumer-ready cloud applications are live across the web, but app providers and end users aren’t finding each other. SnappCloud connects providers with distributors who offer access to millions of customers. Resulting in convenience to consumers and substantial subscription revenue to providers and distributo…

Washington, DC


Maptuit is the nation’s first real time, two-way connected navigation service provider – currently addressing the needs of the commercial transportation industry. Maptuit delivers commercial and consumer based services that empower our customers and enable them to make smart decisions when reducing operating expense…

Burlington, MA

Pine Labs

PineLabs is an India-based spinout of Globallogic, another NAV portfolio company. It is a payment and loyalty solutions company targeting its products and services to Indian retailers that want to automate their operations while offering better services to consumers. Pine Labs started in the oil retail business by enabling el…

Noida, India


RemitPro, Inc. offers funds processing and risk management software solutions via secure web-based systems.

Omaha, NE


Invincea has developed a patent-pending, revolutionary technology for protecting computer workstations from Internet attacks. The flagship product, Internet Cleanroom, is based on commercial virtualization technology and provides unparalleled protection against Internet threats.

Fairfax, VA


thinkXML sprang out of a services business to make it easier to capture and transmit data in electronic business transactions. A review of the state of the market at the time convinced us that more efficient tools were needed to capture data in forms and integrate that data across company enterprise systems. In certain busine…

Rockville, MD

Tap 'n Tap

Tap ’n Tap is bringing the best of the web to the comfort of your home. Our software platform and design expertise enable OEMs and ODMs to quickly offer high quality home internet devices based on the Android operating system.

Cambridge, MA