We are committed to helping our portfolio companies achieve their maximum potential. We value our relationship with our companies, not only because of the potential for generating investor returns, but also because of the energy and enjoyment we derive from working with entrepreneurs.

AG Interactive — eAgents acquired by American Greetings (2000)

We invested in an email marketing company called eAgents in 1999. eAgents was led by Charlie Fink (ex-Disney) and Will Weil (ex-Nickelodeon). In 2000, American Greetings acquired eAgents. At the time they were building out their American Greetings Interactive unit, introducing electronic greeting cards to the broad swath of…

Cleveland, OH

AuctionRover.com — acquired by Go Networks (2000)

Founded in July 1999, AuctionRover.com was the one-stop resource for all online auctioning needs. This powerful new site allows buyers to search for items across auction sites, sellers to host images and counters, and provides innovative, relevant content that will keep bidders and sellers informed and entertained. AuctionRo…

Research Triangle Park, NC

Coatue — acquired by AMD (2003)

Coatue developed technology for semiconductor memories based on organic materials. They found technology in several academic settings for organic materials with multi-stable electrical properties that would enable fast, persistent, and low-cost multi-bit per gate memories; licensed the technology; and built a company in Woburn…

Cambridge, MA

DivX — IPO on NASDAQ: DIVX (2006)

DivX was created to make it more efficient to store and distribute video through the internet. We invested in DivX in their first round of financing in 2000. Our thesis was that the inevitable increase in bandwidth on the internet would make online video a large and fast growing emerging market. Jordan Greenhall, having lived…

EnerNOC — IPO on NASDAQ: ENOC (2007)

EnerNOC (Nasdaq ENOC) came to Cambridge Innovation Center in the midst of a fund raising tour of more than 30 venture funds and angel groups in the fall of 2002. The two founders, Tim Healy and David Brewster, were looking for a few million dollars to take advantage of a deregulated New England electricity market. EnerNOC’s i…

Boston, MA

Liquid Machines — acquired by Check Point (2010)

Liquid Machines provides Enterprise Rights Management (ERM) solutions that prevent the misuse, modification, loss or theft of intellectual property and sensitive information. It combines centrally-defined data access and information usage policies with its patented Policy Dropletâ„¢ control interface to simultaneously promote a c…

Waltham, MA

Massive, Inc. — acquired by Microsoft (2006)

Massive pioneered the in-video advertising market. As game consoles began to connect to the internet in sufficient numbers in 2003, and video game revenues exceeded Hollywood revenues for the first time, the games became a medium for real-time digital advertising to a valuable, captive audience. Massive built the largest netw…

New York, NY

Mobile 365 — acquired by Sybase (2006)

Mobile365 enabled the first mobile data service (text messaging) in the US. We noticed in 2000 that text messaging was growing fast as a service in Europe and Asia, but had been lagging in the US. At the time, a US mobile phone could message another phone in the same carrier, but messages would not travel across carriers. Dif…

Trancentrix — acquired by Ruesch International (2005)

Provides a B2B payment intermediary for making domestic and international payments. The Company offers software and services used by corporate treasury, finance, and accounts payable departments to process and execute domestic and international payments.

Omaha, NE

Vente — acquired by Experian (2005)

Founded in 1999, Vente is a leader in permission-based marketing. We bring together in-depth consumer information, creative excellence and technical expertise to help you get the most from your marketing budget.

Omaha, NE